Curating Comfort

A creative entrepreneur with a background in studio art and two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Ceramics and Spanish from UT Knoxville. With nine successful years at the YMCA, including serving as Executive Director, Marida gained invaluable experience in leadership and driving positive change. Transitioning to self-employment, she now manages a thriving short-term rental business, providing consulting services and specializing in interior home styling. Additionally, Marida homeschools her four boys, combining her passion for education with her entrepreneurial spirit. With a knack for design and a dedication to excellence, Marida continues to make a positive impact in both business and education.


Services Offered:

1. Short-term Rental Success:

  • Get started in your short-term rental journey!  Marida can provide everything from suggested rates to suggested décor and home layout. ($150/first hour, $100/each additional hour)
2. The Room Refresh: 
  • Need to freshen up your space?  Want a different look?  Marida is here for it help pick out finishes, redesign your full space or go furniture shopping with many possibilities are out there!  ($85/hour)